Iceland: Choir Portraits

Portrait session with an Icelandic all-girls choir.

During the filming of the Outliers project, I had the opportunity to photograph an entire choir of young Icelandic girls. All of them we’re beautiful in their own right. They each had some of the most amazingly clear, honest eyes I’ve ever photographed. This shoot was almost a total fail as all I had for lighting were over head fluorescent lights on a high ceiling. Oh boy. I had my diffuser disk with me but the sun had set and I planned on using the sun for a light source.


Luckily, Mark from the team had a small, battery powered LED light. We used this small little, yet, powerful, light and placed the diffuser disc over the harsh, bright light to diffuse it and spread the light as evenly across the face as we could. I used a higher ISO setting than normal to ensure proper exposure. Once we dialed in the settings – it was straight forward from there.

I have to admit, whatever song they sang, was pretty amazing.