Monument Valley

Monument Valley.
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The American Southwest desert holds a very special place in my heart. I can’t explain why but I feel at home roaming around this landscape. Perhaps it’s the idea that time doesn’t really exist here in the traditional sense. When you spend enough time on the road in the desert, hours and days go by at an unexplainable pace. They’re not fast. They’re not slow. The sun and the moon rise and fall day in and day out and you forget days of the week. Time does its thing here no doubt. You can clearly see time everywhere in the desert. Time is in the ancient cliff walls, canyons, hoodoos, arches and plateaus. From the Grand Canyon, Zion, Escalante, White Sands to cities called Mexican Hat, time is different here in the desert than that of the mountains and forests. It can’t be explained.

When I’m in the desert, I feel that there’s this constant dynamic that time is always still and always moving. It’s as if I’m in a place where time has momentarily stopped for me and I’m able to fully stop my life and tap into a spiritual side of myself that allows me to be at ease with everything that has happened, is happening and will happen.

This is Monument Valley. It lies on the border of Utah and Arizona on the Navajo Nation reservation. I treated the colors on these photos as an adage to old school cowboy post cards that you might find in this area. The first image is a single exposure shot through the window at the visitor center. Another quirky shot I did was a long exposure shot you’ll find about eight pictures down. I just pointed my camera in various directions and hoped for the best.