Spooky & Peekaboo Gulches

Spooky & Peekaboo Gulches in Grand Staircase – Escalante, Utah.

These are the slot canyons of Spooky and Peekaboo Gulches located in Grand Staircase – Escalante, Utah. A day or two before I hiked these slot canyons, I had high hopes to shoot the famous Antelope Canyon. If you ever see pictures like these, chances are, it’s of the slots at Antelope Canyon. My friend and I had arrived in Page, Arizona and hit up a few of the tour guides places to see if we could hike Antelope Canyon.


Unfortunately, Antelope Canyon is closed to public access because it’s on a Navajo reservation. So the only way to get there is to hire a guided tour. For $35 you can hire a tour guide to take you. Sounds awesome right? No. Thinking we were in a group of 10 people for a tour, out of nowhere eight big truck rigs show up and dropped off 50 people. Suddenly, there was a mass gathering of tourists waiting for the next tour at 1:30 which was sold out. This was a nightmare. For $90 you can take the “photographer’s tour” which is limited and they let you roam around without people blocking your views. With high spirits shot down, we sold our tickets and moved on.

Fortunately, having skipped the tour, 15 other amazing things happened. One of these amazing things was that we discovered a great little park in Utah called Coral Pink Sand Dunes. Another was Escalante. It was perfect. Wilderness, space, free, adventure and slot canyons. If you don’t want to pay outrageous prices to witness Mother Nature’s slot canyons, hit up Escalante. The slot canyons are super fun, semi easy to find and if you find Spooky Gulch, it’s extremely narrow. So narrow that in parts of the canyon, you can’t turn your head because the walls are so narrow.

Moral of this post is that always keep your spirits high. Doors shut. 10 more doors open.